It was rainy and dark for most of the day here in the REEL EAST but of course the show must go on and as I type this I can still hear the familiar snap, crackle, and pop of fireworks in the distance. The exciting thing, however, is that the first annual Reel East Film Festival is only 50 days away! Which also means that the deadline to get your short films to us is only 16 days please, if you have a film you are proud of (and if you've made a film you SHOULD be proud of yourself since we all know how hard it is to make films!) by all means send it to us. We have the DVD players and laptops fired up and ready to laugh, cry, or scream at your creations. As Aristotle (or Groucho Marx) once said, "Astonish me!" So astonish US with your work and maybe your film will end up screening at our premiere festival on August 22-23rd. The link to submit is here at our FilmFreeway festival page...


07/16/2016 3:29am

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12/26/2016 4:03am

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12/26/2016 4:04am

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12/26/2016 4:04am

The love of my life is Bollywood, and there's no better app to use for it than Hotstar. It's a little rough around the edges, but there's just no better app that streams those movies and soap operas legally

12/26/2016 4:05am

I really prefer Mobdro over most other apps. It's a lot less hassle than most alternatives proposed. I see your point though.

01/06/2017 6:34am

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01/06/2017 6:35am

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great post Giselle,I found that when I worked too later then went to bed, it’s easily to wake up several times during sleeping, at first I thought it was related to mattress but at last I found that it’s related to my bad behavior. Another one is about watching paced movie, this would make me incredibly hyper


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